Quartz Powder

Quartz is a chemical compound of Silicon and Oxygen. Silicon dioxide SiO2, commonly called silica. It pure from silica, quartz is a colourless and transparent and very hard crystalline material of glass like look. The well known rock-crystals six sided prisms with a six sided pyramid at their ends are well formed crystals of quartz. We deal in quartz lumps, quartz powder and pebbles.

Quartz Sand

Silica sand quartz is a chemical compound which is an oxide of silicon also known as silicon dioxide. Silica Sand is used as a prime ingredient in industrial concrete. Our silica sand is known for its purity and other attributes that are as per the clients needs. Customer can avail the silica sand from us in Bulk quantity. Our range is widely used in different applications in various industries like glass, steel, textile and agro based chemical and construction companies.


• Producing Glass
• Lenses & Prisms
• Composite/Engineered Stone
• Chemical Apparatus
• Ceramics
• Ornamental Gems
• Iron & Steel
• Foundary
• Paints
• Solar glass & cosmetics Abrasive, etc.

Physical Properties
Nameof Test Result
Shrinkage(%) 0.08
L* 97.25
a* 0.14
b* 1.74
Whiteness 93.14
Temperature(°C) 1212/1218
Cycle Min 50
Chemical Analysis
Compound Result %
SiO2 % 99.71
AI2O3 % 0.09
Fe2O3 % Tr
TiO2 % Tr
CaO % 0.04
MgO % 0.02
K2O % 0.06
Na2O % 0.04
Loss of Ignition 0.08

We are acknowledged all over the world for offering diverse assortment of Quartz Lumps that are extensively used in ceramic, jewelery, paints and many other allied industries. Our range of Quartz Lumps is available in different particle size to choose from for our valued customers. In addition to this, we also have expertise to offer Quartz Lumps in accordance with the specifications of our valued customers. Our range includes quartz lumps snowhite, rose quartz, milky quartz, glassy quartz and rose quartz lumps.

Product List

Products Item Code for Quartz Powder:

Quartz Powder Item Code Silica Content Whiteness
Svm2001P 99.7% 90+
Svm2002G 99.5% 85+
Svm2003G 99.5% 80+
Svm3001G 99.7% 90+
Svm3002G 99.5% 85+
Svm3003G 99.5% 80+
Svm4001G 99.7% 90+
Svm 20m p 99.7% 93+
Svm 10m p 99.7% 93+
Product Item Code of Silica Sand (Quartz Grit):
Silica Sand Item Code Silica Content Size(Mesh)
Svm1001s 99.7% 2-4
Svm1002s 99.7% 4-8
Svm1003s 99.7% 8-12
Svm1004s 99.7% 12-16
Svm1005s 99.7% 16-30
Svm1006s 99.7% 25-100

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